Sources & binaries

Authentication Simulator is an open-source project under Apache License Version 2.0 ( Sources are available via Subversion at

The latest public packaged release can be downloaded from our Nexus repository;quick~authentication-simulator-ear (search for authentication-simulator-X.X.X.ear) for Authentication Simulator and;quick~idp-adapter-ear (search for idp-adapte-X.X.X.ear) for the IDP Adapter.

If you need for any reason a more recent version (hotfix, experimental featureā€¦), the public packaged application of our development trunk can be found at This package can be unstable. The IDP Adapter ear can be found in the same directory.


If you are installing a Gazelle tool for the first time in your environment, make sure to read carefully the general considerations for JBoss7

Database creation

Your database must have a user gazelle :

  1. Connect to your database
    psql -U gazelle
  2. Execute the SQL statement to create the database.
    CREATE DATABASE "authentication-simulator" OWNER gazelle ENCODING 'UTF8' ;


To deploy Authentication :

  1. Download the ear file from our Nexus repository

  2. Paste the archive authentication-simulator.ear in the JBoss deployment directory ${JBOSS7\_HOME}/standalone/deployments/

  3. Display JBoss server logs, start JBoss and wait for ear deployment.

  4. The application can be browsed at http://yourserver/authentication-simulator Port could also be different whether you have modified the JBoss server configurations or not.

Authentication Simulator needs an another ear to parse the shibboleth logs. This ear does not need a database, just put the ear in a jboss. This ear needs to be installed in the same machine as Shibboleth IDP but not necessarily in the same machine as Authentication Simulator.

Application configuration

  1. Download the SQL scripts archive from our Nexus repository;quick~authentication-simulator-ear (search for

  2. Unzip the archive

  3. Edit the application_url value in init.sql. You might also want to edit application_works_without_cas and the idp_adapter_wsdl_endpoint configurations.

  4. From the bash, update the application configuration by running :

    psql -U gazelle authentication-simulator < init.sql